Ways to Reduce the Risk of Ransomware Attacks


Ransomware is a method used by cybercriminals to extort money. This is done by means of a malicious code where the hacker takes over and freezes your devices or systems until you pay a ransom. To further their malicious intent, they may steal data and threaten to release it if no payment is to be made by the victim.

Thus, it is important to know how to protect yourself and your systems from a ransomware attack. Here are some data security measures to reduce your risk of being a target of ransomware attacks:

  • Beware of spam emails and avoid clicking on an unverified or malicious link that may initiate malware download on your computer.
  • Use firewalls as it helps scan a file for malware and other threats, as well as determine its origin and endpoint.
  • Back up your data, especially the important ones, to immediately restore it if an attack has been successful.
  • Install security software and ensure that it is updated periodically.

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