Negative Impacts of Phishing Attacks


Phishing is one of the most prevalent methods cybercriminals attack businesses. When someone is impersonating a reputable institution contacts you via email, phone, or text message, they ask for sensitive information such as personal information, banking, credit card information, and passwords. A successful cyber-attack can cost a small company a lot of money to recover. As a provider of IT Security in Clarksburg, Maryland, we identify the following effects of these attacks:

  • Monetary Loss

Funds could be transferred out of a company’s account through impersonation via phishing after a violation of data privacy due to phishing. The additional cash will be required to manage identity theft protection and compensation for customers or workers whose personal information was stolen as a result of a phishing attempt.

  • Data Theft

A hacker can have access to an organization’s data and system by clicking on a malicious link in an email. They are then free to do whatever they wish, including stealing for illicit purposes, corrupting, and deleting information. The most serious consequence of phishing assaults is data loss. If this happens, contact your cybersecurity provider.

  • Decreases Sales

A successful phishing assault drives customers away from a company, resulting in lower sales. After a data breach, customers may cease patronizing a compromised company for several months. This impact could be worse because this might lead the business to closure. To avoid this scenario, you may contact someone who provides Management Consulting in Clarksburg, Maryland.

Here in Cybersmart LLC, we believe that it is important that you must know what to do. Visit our website now.

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