How to Avoid Scams and Other Related Cyber Crimes

How to Avoid Scams and Other Related Cyber Crimes

Cybercrimes are rampant anywhere on the world wide web despite having antiviruses and enough information online. Every day, here and there, we can read testimonials and posts saying they are victims of fraudulent activities.

But why can’t we eradicate these crimes?

Scammers have been creative with their tactics as time passes. They can create dummy accounts and do catfishing, imitate your relatives to borrow money, or use photos of sick people for donations. They also post links to phish information, malware, and get-rich-quick schemes. These are threats institutionally, financially, and personally. This time, risk management is vital and deemed necessary.

How can we avoid these traps and threats to IT Security in Clarksburg, Maryland?

  • Do not click suspicious links.

    We know you are curious, but try to search for any similar instances.

  • Ask and seek the truth.

    Ask people about their experiences or opinion before biting an offer.

  • Do not be gullible.

    If someone chats with you asking for help, do not wire transfer or send money online immediately. Know from close relatives or friends if the person is legitimate and if the problem is real. Once you confirm it’s true, call the person for a meet-up at a safe place.

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