Going Virtual: What to Watch Out For


Like many industries today, the healthcare industry has also taken the step to digitization. This has a lot of perks for both employees and employers in terms of work. Moreover, it may benefit patients as well. However, this can also come with risk.

Fortunately, these risks can be avoided. Be sure to seek help from management consulting in Maryland.

Here are some possible scenarios best avoided by healthcare organizations.

  • A Leak in Confidential Information

    Medical systems have transitioned to going virtual, which improves convenience but also comprises the security of the data. Hackers may trade confidential patient information, causing patients to suffer a breach of their privacy. Ensure measures are taken for improved cybersecurity.

  • Faulty Cloud Storage

    For convenient access, healthcare providers have shifted to cloud-based data storage options. However, not all of these comply with industry standards, making them easy targets for cybercriminals. Be sure to seek compliance services from professionals in your area.

  • Employee Negligence

    The potential of a cyberattack grows as more devices are used by healthcare personnel to access sensitive patient data. While some internal risks are intentional, most of these cases are the consequence of carelessness or unintentional exposure. It’s always encouraged to train employees on how to handle information. This is also part of data security.

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