Classifications of Information


There is information that is open for all and some that need discreet data security. We should know that there are data classifications: public, internal, confidential, and restricted.

Your organization needs to identify the sensitivity of each data collected and put it under the following classifications:

  • Public

    This type of information is accessible to all. Anyone can be permitted to read, use, and utilize.

  • Internal

    This data should be for your organization’s eyes only. It should be open only to employees. The owner can grant access to partners, and these people must not disclose it to anyone outside the circle.

  • Confidential

    Confidential information is under the regulations and protection of the laws. This type contains sensitive data that ordinary people must protect with cybersecurity.

  • Restricted

    This class includes data that may compromise a person, company, and affiliates. Spreading it may lead to criminal charges and legal actions. So, a reliable IT Security in Clarksburg, Maryland is vital.

Always be responsible if you are holding any sensitive details. Avoid disclosure even to your closest colleagues that have no association with the company or section. Otherwise, it will bounce back to your organization and may harm your people and operations.

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